Friday, March 6, 2009

Filming with the Levitation Project in Utah

After the first stop of the FWT in Russia, I headed straight to Utah to film with the cool kids, aka the Levitation Project. Utah stayed true to its roots and snowed tons during my stay, 3 weeks of glorious powder skiing! Can't ask for much more out of life: good snow, good skiing, and great friends to share it with...

Dawn patrol in Grizzly Gulch with Nico and Bridger

Getting the goods with Julian Carr

What is there not to smile about?!

Julian showing who's the boss...

Another early morning hiking up Mt Superior, this is the opposing view

Jamey Parks preparing to slay a line in Dry Fork

One of the fun lines I skied

To check out more great pics from my time in Utah go to the Levitation Project's website and go to the ski blog:

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