Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Xavier De La Rue and I were the winners of the Nissan Riders Award

The Verbier Xtreme went down on Sunday March 22nd. I was a little nervous in the morning, but after the hour hike to the start my nerves seemed to have calmed down and I was ready to throw down. The line I had chosen was straight forward for my skiing style: not too technical with 2 big airs involved allowing me to ski strong and fast. The last thing I wanted to do was ski conservative or veer away from what has been working for me this season at the last stop of the FWT. I was going for the win! The snow conditions were not exactly ideal, but they could have been a lot worse.

The first big air I ended up crashing on- the snow was a little grabby and I should have kept it perfectly fall line. However, I am stoked that I went for it and that I crashed on something that wowed the crowd instead of falling from a stupid mistake. My goal this year was not so much to win the Overall but rather win Line of the Year. Accordingly, making sure that I stayed on my feet by skiing easier lines was not going to lead me to this objective. If you are not willing to take risks then a goal like this is hard to achieve. I really want to help progress the sport of women's big mountain skiing, and I felt honored when one of the ski judges thanked me after the Verbier comp for pushing women's skiing this year in competition.

The things you have to do to get to your lines in Europe...

In the end my hard work has paid off- at the awards ceremony my fellow competitors voted for me as having the best female line of the season from my run in Squaw Valley- and so I won the Nissan car!!! It is such an honor to be given an award from your fellow riders- it reflects the respect that they have for you and your skiing. Wow, I won a car!!! I also ended up 4th Overall, not too bad considering I crashed in 2 of the 4 events this season. Ah... another competition season is over! I am flying home tomorrow and will focus on filming with the Levitation Project to finish out my season.

At the final awards with all the riders

This is just part of the audience watching the Verbier Xtreme

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  1. Congrats on your win at the freeride world tour and the Nissan award!