Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hawai'i Part I

Standing on Hookipa Beach, a great place for surfing, windsurfing, and kiting

I know that as you view this post you must be thinking this is really odd to see a blog update on something that isn't related to snow or skiing at this time of year, especially by a pro and extra especially because there is some record breaking snowfall happening right now in the Northwest and B.C. However, by the end of this week (when I leave) I will have spent a month on the beautiful island of Maui. Along with Cody, Mike Douglas and his family I have been fortunate to leave the doldrums of fall by tagging along to watch a long anticipated dream project come to fruition. The special project that I am referring to is Mike D and Cody's long aspiration to 'ski big waves'. Of course that meant coming to Hawaii! So lucky me I have found myself in tropical paradise.
It is not exactly a place to come to get ready for winter, because for sure I will be freezing my bum off when I return to Cali (the irony is astounding- returning to Cali being a cold affair!). But I definitely have not treated this trip as a typical vacation where mai tais at the swim up bar are the norm. Instead, I find myself taking advantage of the great weather and warm water to try new sports and get better at the ones I already do. I also got a gym membership at the local fitness center in Haiku. There's no lounging around on this sojourn! But really, Maui has so much to offer laying around seems so boring...

The view from our place in Haiku, not too shabby!

Another view from the area we are staying in

A little relaxation time- this seems to be a fairly normal sight in Hawaii... but we've been so busy playing, however, that I think this is the only picture I have caught of Cody actually doing the typical "beach lounging"

Finally trying out S.U.P.ing. Heaps of fun and a great workout! But this doesn't mean I can't stand the SUPers in Santa Cruz any less

I swear I'm on a wave

Mike Douglas and Cody heading out to SUP-IT-UP

I'm not sure Cody has ever tried to catch a wave this small

A typical view from a beach in Sprecklesville

Watching some of the best windsurfers in the world take advantage of the great conditions at Green Trees at Hookipa

And yes for those of you wondering, I am thinking and dreaming everyday about the skiing to be had on my return- bring on winter!!!

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