Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snowmobiles are Cool

At the end of this fine winter season I was able to buy a sled, and I'm sooo excited!

I bought my sled up in Logan Canyon, UT, and because Beaver Mountain Resort was closed for the season, we were able to ride the resort. Loads of fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I love Squaw Valley in the Spring Time...

Kyle O'Neal catching some air in the Palisades...

Even though we all love to get in as much powder as we can until the month of May, it never hurts to have those hot Cali spring days where the sun comes out, the snow turns to corn and the sunbathing at the High Camp pool after a morning of skiing is game on. Can't beat it!

What a view!

J.T. Holmes and Ruth Selby soaking in the sun

Tristan doing tricks. Spring day schedule: hit the park in the morning then practice at the pool afterwards.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ESPN and the Ladies...

ESPN.com just put up an article on a few big mountain chics that rip called "Sisters of Steeps"... and I am honorably included with 5 other females that I totally respect and admire- so cool!

Check it out...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tribute to McConkey

We salute you Shane aka Saucer Boy with swigs of whiskey

The past ten days have been pretty rough for the community of Squaw Valley since our hero and friend, Shane McConkey, died. Many emotions flooded my friends and I. Ultimately, we constantly found ourselves reflecting on what a truly amazing, funny and genuine person Shane was, the enormous influence he has had on us and the inspiration that he will continue to have on the rest of our lives. This past Sunday, April 5th, there was a beautiful memorial service and celebration for Shane. Before the ceremony went down, we all went skiing and had a blast on the typical warm, sunny Squaw day. With Shane in our thoughts, Cody and Greg felt that the best way to pay their respects to the Legend was to do naked spread eagles off the Palisades. Shane would be proud of these boys...

Cody and Greg getting ready...


Cody with his idol during the Squaw FWT event. It's not the best picture because I was just fooling around with my camera trying to get it unfogged before the awards, but whatever, Shane is smiling and Cody is stoked to be hanging with him.