Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The End of the Ski Season at Squaw...

... means lots of sunshine, corn skiing, beer guzzling at the Chamois, and of course the infamous Lake Cushing Classic crossing. The final weekend at Squaw is always a bittersweet thing- it's exciting that it's almost summertime but the skiing is always so much fun it's hard to give up!

Ruth and I having good ol' fun at the top of Granite Chief

The Lake Cushing Classic crossing is a heck of a fun time whether you are a competitor or a spectator. Cody, JT Holmes and Timy Dutton came up with a daring yet hilarious idea to go as a threesome. They had 4 skis between the 3 of them: 2 Salomon Rockers and 2 monoskis that JT had raided from McConkey's garage. Knowing they needed to practice this difficult task before they were to attempt the pond crossing , they decided to take some laps in the morning. All I have to say is wow- it was absolutely hilarious to watch but also quite impressive!

JT, Timy & Cody deciding their route down the run before the controlled out-of-control skiing transpired

Turning like it's nobody's business

Amazing form! Timy was so brave to get to stuck between these two...

Later that afternoon the boys had a chance to show the large crowd their new found glory. Some of the first to attempt the crossing, the boys, aka Two Men and a Baby, laid down a solid and stylish crossing that got the crowd and judges going crazy. In the end, this year's pond crossing proved to be a difficult endeavor. Very few were successful in making it across, thereby validating how spectacular it was that Two Men and a Baby did.

"Two Men and a Baby" on their way to victory

JT and Cody anxiously awaiting everyone else's run

Jason Abraham giving it a good try

One of the MANY good crashes we saw that day

Jim Sloves bee-lining for the other side of the pond

Monday, May 11, 2009

Salomon Jib Academy in Mammoth

Last week I headed down to Mammoth Mountain Resort for Salomon's Jib Academy. Even though I'm not known for having any park skills, Salomon wanted to bring their A Team to hang with all the young guns. Abma, Townsend, Ruebens, Douglas, Dumont, Carlson, Turski, and Gagnier were a few of the top dogs on hand to show their skills and enjoy the great spring skiing the Southern Sierras have to offer.
Right before Cody and I arrived a storm had come through with a ridiculous amount of wind to buff everything out. For those of us who prefer to spend more time skiing lines than lapping the park, Mammoth luckily offers it all and we had hit it just right. With a little hiking it was no problem reaching all of the goods. However, I did take the time to check out all the young kids and their unbelievable park skills- pretty amazing to say the least!
This was the last ski trip of the winter season for me- what a great way to end things! Good snow, sunny California weather, good vibes and great teammates all made for a really fun time.

Cody enjoying the fresh air at 3,000+ meters

Skiing a line in Top of the World

Cody making his way down the Avalanche Chutes

Cody greasing his line down the Top of the World

Skiing Star Chute

Derek Taylor of Powder Magazine and I getting game face ready for the park, too bad our clothes are WAY too tight

The line-up in the park

Cody racing the cat and kids up to the top of the jump

Tommy Ellingson taking in the warm Cali sun. This guy has nothing but F U N- he's quite entertaining to be around!

Sammy Carlson enjoying another day at the office

Another prodigy hard at work

Jenny Naftulin, aka Salo-mom, and DT hamming it up for the camera

Cody and I having a great time as ALWAYS!