Monday, January 25, 2010

Come heli-skiing with Cody and I in Girdwood!

This coming March Chugach Powder Guides is hosting an Epic Athlete Experience with Cody and I! I am very excited to have this opportunity. We get to go heli-skiing with clients, not as guides but as athletes. We will be based out of Girdwood and there is a 5 day or 7 day package available. I think Girdwood is one of the best possible situations for heli-skiing for so many reasons. First off, Girdwood is one of the coolest towns in Alaska, with lots of good restaurants (Double Musky here I come!) and interesting people to mingle with. Secondly, if we can't fly we get to go Snowcat skiing. CPG recently opened 500 more acres for cat skiing in addition to upgrading to a new, super posh cat. I actually got to experience this cat skiing last winter. It was a blast and totally worthy! Thirdly, there is Alyeska Resort, one of the best ski resorts in the world, at your disposal for down days as well. But down days in Girdwood with CPG are fairly rare, only once has a group been unable to get in a helicopter in their 13 year history. No other heli-operation in Alaska has it this good! If this is something that interests you click here to view more info on the CODY TOWNSEND & ELYSE SAUGSTAD HELI-SKI EXPERIENCE. Hopefully we'll being seeing you there...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skiing Squaw

The KT-22 lift line at 8:30 this morning. The line never died due to the fact that the storm picked back up as the day ensued and thus, only the lower mountain was left open.

Squaw Valley has had a pretty good start to the ski season. Luckily the combination of a decent snow pack in Tahoe and a lack of it in other parts of the U.S. has allowed me to stick around the last few weeks. I have been enjoying myself immensely! So, I figured I would post what I have been up to. Last week after we received about 6" of butter up top, I did a morning session of filming with Ingrid and Arne Backstrom with Scott Gaffney behind the lens and Adam Clark as our photographer. It was exciting to get early ups with this crew and get a few lines in on Granite Chief Peak before the public trounced it.
This week Tahoe is being blessed with multiple storms. I think storm skiing is one of the most exciting parts of skiing. I love the fact that you can get fresh-ies lap after lap as the snow just keeps filling in the tracks. As of right now, there is no end in sight of the snowstorms ceasing according to NOAA. Yes!!!

Skiing Patrol Chute. Since it's early season with a low snowpack the chute is more fun because it has more features.

Looking back up at Granite Chief Peak

Gaffney with Patrols Robin and Dan

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie: Catch Me If You Can

As I am sitting here in Tahoe, longing for the next snowfall and wishing I was choking on powder, I've been drifting to dreamland of snowy mountains. To help keep myself at ease, I have been watching a short ski movie that I recently came across that is of some of my female Swedish ski buddies, also known as Generation Flinga. Rachael Burks and Lynsey Dyer join my fellow Freeride World Tour competitors and roomies, Janette Hargin and Stina Jakobsson, to put on a rockin' performance. After a disappointing lack of women ski footage in the major North American films this past year, it's refreshing to see some ladies get after it in front of the lens.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Early Season Essentials at Porters

Cody and Tony putting in a great deal of effort to make sure our boots are PERFECT

Every season the typical skier loves getting new gear and also dreads it at the same time, well, that is if it is a new pair of ski boots. The fit can be so peculiar, and it's amazing how each year a new bump will miraculously give you aches and pains that had never existed before. I will say, it is a huge weight off my shoulders knowing I have a shop that I can head to that I know will be able to tackle every problem I may throw at them. What shop is it that performs these special miracles? Why Porters naturally! Of course this sounds like an advertisement since I am a sponsored athlete for Porters, but lest you forget I choose my sponsors as much as they choose me. Before Porters added me to their team I was already a regular at the shop, it being "the" place to deal with my gear and pick up any new needed goodies for the season. Anyway, I was really excited that the kick ass staff at the Tahoe City shop was happy to put in the few hours of effort it took to get my boots dialed. I am forever grateful... that is until next year!

John Segal, a former employee and still a normal sighting at the store (probably because it's the coolest ski store EVER), chatting up Cody while he cuts our new ski poles to size

Cody making sure the "boot fits"