Monday, May 17, 2010

Come Freeskiing with me in Las Lenas!

What a spectacle, Las Lenas

At the end of the summer most pros, ski bums and just plain ol' ski enthusiasts alike start to fiend for snow no matter how great their summer is going. I am no exception. Even as I find myself still thawing out from this past winter and look forward to spending a good amount of time in the ocean surfing, I am already eagerly planning my summer "winter" escape. This summer I have come across a unique opportunity to be a hostess/guide/coach/someone to ski with that will inspire one to try new things on skis at Las Lenas, Argentina. Skiing in Argentina in the summer is the best! The Freeski Las Lenas camp that I am hostessing is put on by Zekeseven, a European company. This particular camp is going to be a lot of fun, and there are plenty of reasons why. First off, one of the ideas of this camp is it will be very hands on, and the concept is that we will be emulating what it's like to be a pro skier. We will have a cameraman that will be with us, and I as the pro will be leading the group and giving the inside knowledge, aka tricks of the trade, to making a ski film. We will be putting together our very own ski movie. The cameraman will be Laurent Jamet, who is the producer/filmer of Garchois Productions, the French film company that I worked with this year on the upcoming movie Invincibles. This is not typical of a camp! The next great reason that is also not ordinary and I am rightfully thrilled about is at the end of the ski portion of the camp we will head to Mendoza wine country for 2 days of wine tasting and relaxing at Bodega Salentein. Third, the camp guests will be staying at the very poshy Virgo Hotel, a 5 star hotel that is a skip away from the lifts. So what more could you ask for in a big mountain ski camp? One of the world's top ski resorts with endless runs to ski- check! Great Argentinian food (beef) and wine (Malbec)- check! An experienced cinematographer to shoot us- check! Really nice accommodations- check! And a fun person leading the way (me!)- check! Sounds like a fabulous experience! I couldn't be more happy to be included, and if you are interested in joining this adventure in South America click HERE.

A few pictures from my last visit to Las Lenas in 2008...
SOOO many great options to ski around Lenas, this is just one of them

A sharky run, you can get as hairy as you like at Lenas

When the powder gets tracked the wind-buff is wonderful skiing, not to mention the lack of crowds

Did I mention already the abundance of skiing that is accessed by the Resort?!

I heard a little birdie say we might get in a helicopter as well. Oh the potential...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring, I Mean Powder, Skiing at Squaw

Apparently Tahoe wasn't prepared for a huge storm at this time of year, road maintenance was not keeping up with the storm!

I got back from Alaska just in time to get in some final days of warm, spring skiing. But no! Instead I came back to a huge storm that dumped several feet of snow up high. Crazy! It was great to get in a few final pow days of the season, especially at the very end of April. It felt a bit like January, strange.

Quincy Young enjoying Mother Nature's spring gift

Come on Squaw, these lift lines are ridiculous, enough with the money hold! Give you pass holders the respect they deserve, without them you wouldn't be sustainable!

Me. Skiing. Typical.

The classic line-up on the Palisades