Monday, June 14, 2010

More Fun From Baja

Avy, relaxing at the beach

Hanging out with Frida in San Jose del Cabo

The "other view" in Baja

Going for that Baywatch photo, but I now realize a rash guard still covers up too much skin

Cody "living it up at the Hotel California, such a lovely place..."

A beautiful night of full moon bravado from our deck

There is every reason to smile when spending time in Mexico

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Cody surfing Zippers

At the end of the ski season I headed down to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico with Cody for our annual de-thawing surf vacation. This time of year the East Cape of Baja sees a ton of swell, which is a great way to get into sufing shape for the summer real quick like. Not only did we have great surf, wonderfully warm weather, and plenty of cervezas to keep us refreshed, we also had a slew of other ski/snowboard buddies in the same area code with the same intentions. It made for a heck of a good time!

Oh I'm happy alright- Beach, check. Bikini, check. Beer, check. Relaxing between surf sessions, priceless.

Chris Benchetler getting some at La Roca.

Pep Fujas writing love letters, as you can see it's a fairly inspiring place.

Cody working on impressing his lady. I dig it.

Hanging at Las Olas, a place overrun with Squaw locals.

Plenty of animals to see in and out of the water.

The FUN crew hanging out on the East Cape: Chris, Kimmy Fasani, myself, Cody & Pep