Friday, August 20, 2010

Argentina Part I

Las Lenas, always a beautiful sight but looking a bit on the bare side for this time of year.

On August 11th I said goodbye to my sandals, jumped on a plane with luggage full of winter gear, and headed to the southern hemisphere in search of snow. Actually, truth be told I wasn't really going to be on a mission in "search" of snow as I was suppose to spend my entire month in Las Lenas. But as we skiers crave the powder oh how things can change. The first part of my trip was to meet up with Sweetgrass Productions and get in some skiing with them for their project on South America. We met up alright, but the conditions this year in Lenas are appalling. For example, most of the terrain that is accessed right off the Marte lift has been/still is closed, proving to be a very frustrating experience for anyone who knows what they are missing out on. I still had hope though, as did the Sweetgrass crew, because right after my arrival a storm arrived, perfect timing! The moment it went blue we energetically headed out to the backcountry accessed part of Lenas. It was a beautiful day, but the snow was ankle deep. The storm proved to be underwhelming.

Will Cardamone enjoying a run in Cerro Martin.

After a hearty discussion it seemed that the only reasonable thing to do was to head down south to Bariloche, where a storm looked to be a brewing. The next morning we packed our cars (which was an amazing feat in itself as the cars are so small and we have so much gear) and set ablaze on Route 40 with a sense of excitement brought on by the tantalizing thoughts of deep powder. The drive, though long, is absolutely mesmerizing. For example, there are the Andes to the west and volcanoes peppering the whole stretch, and sometimes the Earth seemed as though its landscape was carved into the resemblance of the Moon's. Of course there are tons of cattle, sheep, and goats along the way, but if you pay attention you will also see intriguing creatures such as the flamingo... my eyes were glued to the window the whole time!
We made it to Bariloche and the storm is hitting even harder than we anticipated. Over a meter is expected, and it's suppose to storm all week. That will be the next update so stay tuned...

Packed up and leaving Lenas, Bariloche here we come!

The stunning sights along the way made for no-brainer pit stops and play time.

The Rio Grande

The rock up close.

An interesting juxtaposition: flamingos in the middle of the Argentine desert.

Volcanoes can be seen on the entire drive.

Just another magnificent sunset in Argentina, seems to be quite the norm down here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Invincibles Trailer

This past winter I had the chance to film with Garchois Productions, a french company, for a few weeks in Les Arcs, France. It was a great experience! Here is the trailer for the movie.