Monday, September 27, 2010

ESPN Skiing Argentina Article

ESPN Skiing Online recently posted a little write-up and photo gallery on Sweetgrass Productions trip in Argentina, which I was a part of. CLICK HERE to see the article and gallery of photos by Jay Beyer.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Argentina Part II

Just can't contain the excitement to be back at Cerro Cathedral in Bariloche.

In my last post I finished by saying that over a meter of snow was expected to hit the Bariloche area, where I had just relocated from Las Lenas with the Sweetgrass Productions crew. Heck yeah! And then it started to snow. Well, the storm came in wet and poured rain at the bottom, making us terribly anxious since it renders one unable to ski. And why couldn't we ski? Because it's Argentina. I love Argentina, but if you even whisper the word wind they'll shut down just about everything, except a few bottom lifts, and skiing in a monsoon is not so pleasurable. Even if we were to skin to a higher elevation than the running lifts and up to the snow, starting off in the rain just doesn't work. So we decided to party. In Alaska you drink it blue, and in Argentina you drink it white! It worked. The temperature dropped and the snow kept coming. In fact it pounded. By the time the storm was finished it had snowed between 3 - 4 meters up high (10-13 feet) and a meter at the bottom. Holy cow did we hit the jackpot! The 10 days we had in Bariloche were fabulous. A summation: an entertaining group of people to hang out and ski with + delicious food + tasty wine + a couple of really late nights with fernet + two full blue pow days at the end = a spectacular ski trip to finish off the month of August. My next stop is my return to Lenas for my camp with Zekeseven Adventure. The fun never ends!

We went exploring on one of our down days while it stormed up above, it's amazing how much this place looks like the Pacific Northwest/Southeast Alaska.

I'm pretty sure they're looking at a picture of a naked lady, those smiles give it all away. Down days unhinge a skier from saneness like a carbonated drink being shook up and opened.

And then it was dumping... Will Cardamone waiting to drop in.

It only makes sense to include party pics from a trip to Argentina, because that's half of the experience. Picture taken with Squaw buddy, Michelle Parker, at about 5 am. I promise we were more hammered than we look (well, I'm impressed that we're not all cross-eyed by this time in the morning).

At about 2 am the rain switched to snow, but the dancing continued until they kicked us out. At 6 am our crew was as stoked as a firepit at a BBQ festival to be leaving in a swathe of white.

Chris Erikson getting whitewashed, the good kind.

It's an okay view when the mountains and trees are covered in snow, the sky is blue, and the lake is glimmering. Just okay.

Will demonstrating how much fun lots of snow is to play in.

Jay Breyer, our photog, was all smiles!

Chris laying down a fast, fun run.

Chris initiating a slasher. The backdrop wants to make me gag- it's just so dang pretty.

It's just a simple turn but dang, the snow was so good and the backdrop is so spectacular.