Friday, March 4, 2011

PNW Salomon Road Trip

 One of the many enticing faces to ski at Mt. Baker.

Come mid-February Salomon had scheduled a Freeski TV road trip in the Pacific Northwest. Accompanied by the superstar Cody Townsend, the youngster Leo Ahrens, the renowned photographer Grant Gunderson, and cameraman extraordinaire Jeff Thomas I was prepared for a fun adventure in search of pow. The PNW is a fairly large area to work with in a region that is infamous for its huge snow pack. As much as it was enticing to start with Whistler as a huge storm was working its way in, we left to Washington with hopes that it was going to get good at Mt. Baker. Baker hadn't seen a substantial storm for over a month so we were taking a bit of a gamble, but lucky for us a storm came in just as we arrived and dumped multiple feet of superb snow.  Mt. Baker is another area I had never skied, and it's legendary snowfall and terrain has always left me hoping I'd get a chance to test it's goods.  The photos in this post are merely a glimpse to the fun Baker offers.
After a solid 4 days of skiing at Baker I injured myself when I unintentionally punted an air, landed in a compromising position, and gave myself such bad shin-bang I couldn't even walk for several days. It looked like I'd be sitting out for at least the next week. We headed to Stevens Pass and I sat in the hotel room while the guys went and got some of the deepest pow of the season. Then Mark Abma arrived to join the second leg of the road trip and the pow got even deeper at Stevens. After the guys killed it we headed back to Bellingham to regroup and put Leo on a plane home. I managed one day out with the boys doing tree laps at Baker, but my legs ultimately didn't agree and I was sidelined for what looked like the rest of the trip. It snowed a ton the entire time, and the guys were able to hit the notorious Baker road gap. I definitely was bummed I didn't get to join in on the festivities, but I was happily entertained watching Cody and Abma session the jump. Next time!

Cody having a leisurely good time.

Leo putting in his time with the elders. "Leo, fix my bindings!" Nice whippersnapper that Leo.

I like fast pow turns, period.

Leo harnessing the light. The things kids can do these days...

The magnificent Mt. Shuskan.

Jeff Thomas working his magic.

Abma playing in the snow.

My turn to play!


Abma and Cody checking out the beach in Bellingham.