Monday, May 2, 2011

Salomon Touring Trip in Interior BC Part II

The Billy Putnum Fairy Meadow Hut.
After a few days at Sentry, we flew into the Fairy Meadow hut deeper in the Selkirks. The first few days were  mostly sunny with a stable snowpack so we were able to venture into the high alpine. The terrain was more glacial than Sentry, and it took a bit longer to get to things we wanted to ski. Things definitely got a bit more mountaineer-esque. After some fun-filled 'big' skiing a storm came in. We decided to take a much needed down day or two and watched the snow pile up outside our quaint little cabin. Once the snow accumulation seemed worthy, we headed out to play in the trees and ski some pillows and deep pow. I had a great time to say the least! I've never really skied BC pillows like this before, so I had a wonderful introduction to what pillow skiing is really like. We were lucky to get in high alpine skiing as well as deep pow tree skiing before our trip was over. When you're in this kind of terrain you never know what to expect with the weather. Of course a few things went untouched that I would liked to have skied, but that's the way it generally goes. Too much to ski in too little time! Ultimately the whole touring trip was a positive experience for our group and I don't think we could have asked for anything more. As Chris Rubens dutifully reminds everyone, "It's the time of your life!"
Kim Havell looking for lines at dawn.

The group making our way up the Adamant Glacier.

Kim and I skied the obvious colouir in the middle, also known as the 505.

Making our way through glacier terrain.

Chris Rubens chipping away for some glacial ice for our cocktails later on.

The collage of gear drying by the fire.

Rubens skiing some pillows.

And more pillows...

There is something about Canadians and lighting dead trees on fire. Or maybe it was a strike of lightening. Either way, it always seems to happen when I'm on trips with Canadian boys.

Kim getting some deep pow.

Rubens and, yep, more pillows.

Heading back to the cabin after a long day of deep pow and pillows.

Pistachio eating contest time! How many pistachios can you eat in 30 seconds?

Anthony Bonello and Bruno Long getting ready for some fierce competition. I believe Bruno tied for the record.

Practicing Glacier Crevasse Rescue: Unassisted Prussiking

Chris in a compromising position, haha! But really, it's not easy to get those skis off and not drop them while prussiking.